The Swedish National Down Syndrome Association was established in 2002 by a group of parents and professionals who recognized the need for an association whose focus would be specifically on children, youths and adults with Down syndrome and their families. The association is a non-profit organization and most of the work done by the association is done on a volunteer basis. 

On average 153 babies with Down syndrome are born in Sweden annually, and the number of persons with Down syndrome living in Sweden is estimated to 5 000 – 10 000. The Swedish National Down Syndrome Association works mainly with support for new parents, local network building, seminars for families and professionals, information to the media as well as with summer camps.

Within the association there are project groups who work with specific areas such as pre-natal testing, pre-schooling and schooling issues, the association’s website and communication on social media and international exchange -mainly with edsa and DSi.

The Swedish National Down Syndrome Association has several members whose native language is English. You are welcome to contact us at